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                          NEWS Details

                          Jieyang Dragon Boat Team Come ~ cry for the historical and cultural city, applause for the beautiful Rongjiang!


                          In the far East Guangdong Province
                          There is a famous cultural city of 2,200 years of history
                          The city has a mother river called Rongjiang
                          On the river in Rongjiang wide flat
                          Every day I saw a dragon boat speeding on the water
                          Bursts of drums broke the Rongjiang quiet
                          This is the "Eastern Eagle" is called

                          Jieyang Heda steel dragon boat team

                          Team Profile
                          As a well-known enterprises in Jieyang City, Jieyang Heda Steel company not only focus on production and management, but also focus on public welfare sports. In March 2016, under the guidance of Jieyang Dragon Boat Association, the company initiated the establishment of He Da steel dragon boat team and publicly recruited team members in Jieyang city, which got the support and appreciation of local sports management department. In September the same year to participate in Guangzhou International Dragon Boat Race won the seventh.
                          Strongly recommended by the local sports department, the Heda Steel Dragon Boat team has successfully entered the 2017 Zhuhai Doumen Dragon Boat Festival tickets. At present, the team has entered a state of intensive training, with enthusiasm they will pass on to the people the charm of historical and cultural city, Jieyang pass passion for life.



                          Jieyang City Profile
                          Jieyang City, located in the southeast of Guangdong Province, Chaoshan Plain, east of Shantou, Chaozhou, west of Shanwei, south of the South China Sea, north of Meizhou, the land area of 5240.5 square kilometers, population 6.41 million (2010). Rongcheng urban area is the historical and cultural city of Guangdong Province, the People's Government in Rongcheng District Linjiang Road. Jieyang mother river Rongjiang is the second largest river in eastern Guangdong, known as "Yumizhixiang." Jieyang musical fountain is currently China's highest and longest river music fountain. Jieyang Yangmei Jade is China's largest and most concentrated emerald jade processing base, "Asia Jade" and "China Hardware Base City," said.

                          Jieyang is the eastern Guangdong Province Guyi, historical and cultural city of Guangdong Province, have seen all the history contains more than 2200 years (Jieyang area non-Jieyang jurisdiction area, the ancient Chaozhou area is Chaozhou area), named after one of the ancient Wuling Jieyang Ridge, spring and autumn and the Warring States is one hundred more land. Qinhuangping set South Vietnam, Qin Shi Huang 33 years (214 years ago) set Jieyang garrison, under the South China Sea County. Hanwuyuan Yuan Ding six years (111 years ago) the establishment of Jieyang County, Chaoshan Shantou, Xingmei and Minnan Longxi, Zhangpu and other places. Eastern Jin Dynasty Emperor Xian and six years (331 years) Jieyang Demolition Haiyang, Chaoyang, Haining, Sui 4 counties. After several re-waste, Song Shaoxing ten years (1140), and the establishment of Jieyang County.

                          In the late Southern Song Dynasty, Putian people immigrated to Chaozhou and Shantou in order to escape the war. More than a dozen of Fujian's Putian people immigrated to Chaozhou Prefecture in the Ming Dynasty. Qing Dynasty Jieyang is a boom Chaozhou House. After the founding of new China, Jieyang County has under the Chaoshan area, eastern Guangdong, Shantou area, Shantou.

                          December 7, 1991, the State Council approved the revocation of Jieyang County, the establishment of prefecture-level Jieyang City. The jurisdiction of Rongcheng District, Jie East District, Huilai County, Jiexi County, hosting Puning City.

                          Team members
                          Xizhong Pan , Shaoping Chen , Junhong Chen
                          Shaoyu Yang , Haobin Yang , Bangxian Chen
                          Xiaodong Zheng , Yu-ping Yang , Wenhong Huang
                          Shaoxiong Chen , Shun-wave Yang, Zhenbiao Yang
                          Zehong Huang , Guorui Chen , Linping Hu
                          Yanlong Chen , Weiming Xie , Hongzhen Chen
                          Xuanbin Wang , Weixin Wang , Liangrong Huang
                          Weiming Wei , Weibo Chen , Jiongdan Huang
                          Hailiu Chen , Kairui Chen , Shaoming Zhou
                          Qingsheng Yuan , Wenzhi Chen